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Welcome to Syed Hameedha Arabic College

Its an integrated course promotting both islamic and secular education with high importants to make the caliber talented enough to compete with best to the world’s latest.

Bachelor in Islamic Science

Its an integrated course promotting both islamic and secular education with high importants to make the caliber talented enough to compete with best to the world’s latest. The course aims at moulding traditional Alims (religious scholars) mastering in Holy Qur’an, Hadith, Fiqah and other classical streams of conventional Islamic traditions as well as highly respondive in worldly affairs like academic presentations public speaches, periodic writings and social services. The system in imparting multi linguistic ability among the students is well reputed, adopting the tailor made courses of IHRAM and Madin Academy.


Moulding the society self relient with moral and temporal consciousness.

Imparting wisdom to the sidelined society to reach on mainstream by scuffolding to stand erected for the development of the nation and the community


Providing value based education to all with pure spiritual ambience

Making Alims competing with the best of the world to retake the lost legacy with internal and external visions.

Highlighting features

  • Following the curriculum of Jamiathul Hind Al Islamiyya
  • Adopting the system of Jamia Markaz and Markaz Garden (Kerala)
  • Providing intensive training to be on par with world’s best by effective interactions with qualified teachers and skilled trainers.
  • Spreading the practical da’awa activities nearby villages and providing suficient guidance to them.
  • Engaging in social, religious and charitable works to uplift the down trodden society to mainstream,
  • The first two years will be for intensive training in premier languages like Arabic, English, Urdu and Tamil through the liguistic expertized system of IHRAM
  • The course duration is 7 years.
  • For pursuing PG or Mutavval, students will be sent to national or internation universities or reputed Islamic Universities.
  • Admission will be to those successfully completed eighth standard with basic Islamic knowledge
  • 25 students will be admitted after IQ test and interview
  • Accommodation and food will be provided by the college free of coast
  • International standard system of Al Azhar Egypt, Darul Musthafa of Yemen and Al Qasimiyya of Sharjah will be implimented
  • Skilled writers and mastered orators will be produced within the primary level of the course
  • National level study caravans will be chartered for a stipulated duration, staying in any cities and villages for practical Dawa purpose.
  • The graduates will be conferred with the Degree Alim Sathaki and BA/B.Com/ BSC simultaniously

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A. To get application form

  • Admission candidates may obtain prescribed application form from SHA administrative office at kilakkarai.
  • The application form may also be downloaded from SHA website www.sharabic.edu.in and be submitted to office.
  • The application form canot be obtained by post.

B. Submission of application form

  • The application on prescribed form,complete in all respect should be submitted either in person or by post on or befor the due date. forms will be accepted between office hours9.00am-4.00pm.
  • If anyone cant sent application form on due date due to any postel or transportation probloms ,must communicated to admission cell office.
  • Tose who send application through email must bring the original /printed furnished form on the admission test day
  • Two recent passport size photo and coppy of self attested marklist of eligibility examination should be enclosed with application form.
  • Those who are waiting for the result can also apply for admission ,they should produce the result on.


  • Eligibility rules shall be strictly followed shall not be relaxed under any circumstances.
  • A candidate shall not be entitled to claime admission as amatter of right even if he is otherwise eligible. The institution reserves the right to refuse admission to any candidate without assigning any reason.
  • The authority has the right to make changesin the admission rules or in the eligibility criteria timely as they think best.
  • If any case no answer sheet of any test shall be revalluated.the result shall be the last and final.the candidate maynot get detailed mark schored in the admission test.
  • We consider recomentation as a disqualification of a candidate to get admission in institution.if any furnishes or produse ,will schore a negative mark in admission aggrigate.
  • The applicant should attend the personality test along with his father/guardian.


The candidate highly recomended to enclose copy of the following documents with their application form.it is not recommended to attach original of the documents. if it is done,the athourity will not be responsible upon it. the original should be produse at the time of interview.

  • Cirificates of merits and awards from any authority including school,madrassa,clubs and any other organizations.
  • Cirtificate in computer study and languages.


1.GENARAL 10.30AM-11.00AM
3 .

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About Us

SHA college involved in the process of moulding a sublime wing of specialized islamic propegators. The college offers undergraduate programs and students are endorsed with dual degree system.SHA envisages a new generation that can creatively respond to the changing needs of the time.We belive that relegious scholers who are equally competent in seculer knowledge can defend the islame in more effective way.

Syed Hameedha Arabic College
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